Building a Brand is not a cup of tea for everyone as it requires extreme dedication, hard work and respective resources to give a birth to a brand. Hence, it becomes essential to make it unique to have a distinct identity by having several factors like – Slogan, Logo, binding of goods, sound, smell, shape, colour combinations etc.

In India, Trademark Act, 1999 - permits to register a trademark and benefits the owner of the registered mark by providing absolute ownership rights and at the same time restricting usage for others.

In general it takes approximately 16-18 months for the Trademark registration process as it comprises of various means of validating original ownership of the mark.
However, a TM symbol can be started to use as soon as the application is made online which is quick and easy.


The owner of a registered Trademark has several rights of establishing, creating and securing the good will of his or her services and products. In case, if anyone tries to use trademark unlawfully, the owner has a right to stop the other dealers by suing the infringer and can also claim if required.

Registering Trademark also allows legal protection as it permits legal rights for its owner in case of any infringement. The owner of the original brand may face helplessness if he or she has not registered a trademark which can result in losses.

Indeed Trademarks plays a crucial role in increasing the brand value and in advertising ones goods and services. So, to differentiate and facilitate creation of brand, one needs to register a trademark for sure.

Moreover, in India Trademark registration creates an intangible asset. Registered Trademark can be assigned, franchised, sold or commercially contracted to reap profits to the sole proprietor or the company.

List of Documents Required

If you want to register your Trademark, following documents are a must for the registration process, namely –

1. Self-attested copy PAN of Applicant (Company/LLP/Partnership)
2. Self-attested copy of Identity Proof like – Voter Id / Driving License / Passport (Any One)
3. Email Id
4. Mobile Number
5. Complete Business Description with Product Details
6. Word mark or Logo if any (Logo must be in JPEG format)
7. State where the registered office of the company will be situated
8. Partnership deed in case applicant is partnership / MOA in case of Company/ LLP agreement in case of LLP
9. Board Resolution (Shall be provided by us)

Time Period

The Complete Process shall take 1-2 Working Days from the date of the Receipt of all the required documents.