About Us

Believe in delivering remarkable outcomes for our clients

Elekha is a type of Business Entity that carries out its business purposes through several ways like CA, CS, and Advocates which helps your businesses to cohere the highest level of compliances and corporate governance.

Elekha’s team of experts and consultants helps you in all your accounting, auditing, taxation, and legal needs.

Services We Provide

Elekha helps you to start your hassle-free business solutions with our expert advice and services that you need to begin with.

Taxation is a process in which a government or taxing authority body enforces tax on respective business entities and citizens. Elekha provides a gamut of unchallenging taxation services for you.

Litigation is simply a process of taking legal actions and Elekha’s experts are apt in settling all disputes related to legal actions in a court of law.

Elekha’s Compliance policy ensures that your company abides by both the government legislations and the industry regulations without any problems.

Intellectual Property Rights i.e. IPR are legal rights that are given exclusively to a person who can focus to preserve their creations accordingly.

Elekha’s services allows trouble-free licenses and registration process for your business purposes to help you achieve your clear business goals.

Clients We Serve