Event Base Compliances

The Event-Based Compliances essentially are a one-time specification that must be protected by the company’s director within a specific time after such a change, removal, or addition.

The Event-Based Compliances are those obligatory compliances that are different than the periodical and mandatory annual compliances which are usually made by the organization with other administrative authorities and ROC.

Conversion of Business

Conversion business is one of the most engrossing businesses in the internet world as it is an action of converting a browsing visitor to a paying customer. When a visitor visits your website, researches, and when he or she fills a specific form or makes a purchase then a conversion occurs and the total number of conversion can be defined as a Conversion rate of it.

Depending on one’s type of business targets, several types of conversion rates are included such as – form completions, leads, online sales, email signups, etc.

Closure of Business

Primarily, Closure is the term that implies to shut all the essential actions are not required anymore for an organization or a business to operate. Fundamentally, a Closure of Business can be plainly described as a business that has completed the absolute formal legal processes of cancellation, withdrawal, or dissolution with the secretary of state.

As soon as an organization completes any pending tasks and clears all the outstanding debts, Closure simply implies that the organization is ready to be ceased to exist.

Annual Compliances Package

Annual Compliance Package is a package of annual requirements of the essential compliances which need to be compiled and put forward to the MCA portal formed and maintained for the cause at specific times in a year annually which lays down the counting newly registered company every year, according to the Companies Act 1956/2013 prescription.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the special rights given to an individual for the innovative creations of their imaginations. Exclusive rights are given for one’s creation to their respective creator for a specific period. These rights are aimed to safeguard the creativity of the intellect such as the products appearance, inventions, artistic, literary, signs, and scientific works among other individuals.

Without Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), it is not possible to reap all benefits of one’s inventions which may lead to less development and research killing one’s passion. Hence, IPR is important to encourage innovations and ideas for the betterment of the world.