About Us

In today’s highly competitive business world, Elekha offers a helping hand for all your essential and lawful business affairs. Elekha is a type of Business Entity that carries out its business purposes through several ways like CA, CS, and Advocates which helps your businesses to cohere the highest level of compliances and corporate governance.

Our Elekha’s team of experts and consultants are always ready and apt to help you in all your accounting, auditing, taxation, and legal needs to help you achieve your business aspirations!


Our Vision is to become one of the most trusted and respected brands as a legal service company in our field.

Also, we aspire to become well-grounded and well-known partners for other service providers and lead in our core domain.


To discover and promote new ideas in the Legal and Accounting field which can prove a boon to our entire industry.

To create liberal and flexible services for our customers who need any legal assistance 24*7.

To create a landmark in the legal industry by continuously striving and providing our excellent high-quality services every passing moment!


We value our morals which are smoothly driven by Mutual Respect, Trust, Integrity, Ethical Practices, Reliability, etc. which makes us exceptional.